Elect Lady Darlyn C. Turner

Elect Lady Darlyn C. Turner is a native Chicagoan and the youngest daughter of a minister. She is the First Lady of Liberty Temple Full Gospel Church and World Outreach Ministries Network and Vice President of Clifford E. Turner Ministries. Having received her ministerial training at Logos Ministerial Bible Institute, a B.A. degree in Management Information Systems from Illinois State University, and extended graduate studies at the Kellogg School of Business, God has prepared Darlyn Turner both naturally and spiritually to fulfill the tremendous call on her life.

In October of 1998 after eleven faithful years of service, she left a full time executive director’s position at American Express to work full time with her husband, Apostle Clifford E. Turner, Ph.D. Their charge has been to fulfill the mandate on their lives to “set the captives free”, and to build apostolic ministry for the new millennium. Since that time, they have been working together building the Kingdom of God, evangelizing, and equipping the saints across the country to fulfill the great commission. In addition to sponsoring various crusades and events, Elect Lady Turner and her husband are continually planting new churches, with Liberty Temple Full Gospel Church of San Diego and Orlando being the most recent.

Darlyn Turner has been particularly anointed to minister to wounded and hurting women, speaking forth revelatory messages of healing, encouragement, and restoration. Darlyn is host of the W.O.W. Conference, an annual women’s conference, which brings powerful ministry that addresses wholeness to the body, soul and spirit. Darlyn also has a strong prophetic anointing to teach and exhort in the area of Finance. God has given her a charge to usher in the “Era of Storehouse Ministry”; a comprehensive financial plan for ministry to operate debt free and allow the tithes to be “stored up” instead of “spent out”. Darlyn believes strongly in maintaining the proper balance of body, soul and spirit, and particularly in obtaining knowledge that we might not perish spiritually, financially, or emotionally. Darlyn has expanded her ministry to include insightful teaching materials including Money is My Friend-Changing How You Think About Money and she and her husband helped to produce “How to Get Perfect Credit In 90 days or less, an instructional video on obtaining and maintaining acceptable credit.

Darlyn’s love for the word of God and desire to come to “know Him and the power of His resurrection” has prompted her to continually pursue training in various areas of ministry, but particularly the prophetic. Despite her hectic travel schedule, in 2002, Darlyn was ordained by Pastor Sheraine Lathon as part of the Liberty Temple Network’s Prophetic Company, an extensive 3 year prophetic training course taught by Pastor Sheraine Lathon, Senior Pastor of Liberty Temple Full Gospel Church of Chicago. God has led Darlyn to teach and preach according to John 3:11, “only those things of what she knows and what she has seen” and has assured her that “if any man desires to do His will, he will know whether the teaching is from God.” (John 7:17)

Darlyn also serves as Vice-President of Holywood Studios and The Denise M. Turner Foundation, a Christian film production company and a community service organization, respectively. She oversees the daily operations of both, along with Clifford E. Turner Ministries.

She and her husband, Dr. Clifford E. Turner, currently reside in the Chicago land Area with their nine children.