Chief Apostle Clifford E. Turner

Chief Apostle Dr. Clifford E. Turner is a progressive and trend-setting leader whose bold and convicting messages of salvation, healing, deliverance, and restoration have torn down the barriers of religion while building up the lives of the people in this nation and nations across the world for nearly 30 years.

Apostle Turner founded Liberty Temple Full Gospel Church and World Outreach Ministries on March 14, 1982, in Chicago, Illinois; the church started with two members, with Dr. Turner as Pastor. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, Apostle Turner became the trailblazer of an apostolic movement in which the City of Chicago had not seen. By 1985, Liberty Temple had become one of the fastest growing ministries of its time, outgrowing three locations in three years.

Always concerned about quality more than quantity, the hallmark of Liberty Temple and the ministry of Apostle Turner is its effectiveness in changing lives, tearing down strongholds, and reforming mindsets. Despite ridicule, opposition, and religious backlash, Apostle Turner dared to obey God and became one of the first to introduce innovative ministry concepts, including: husband and wife team ministry, prophetic dance, drama ministry presentations, and the acquisition of a retail mall. In 1987, Liberty Temple moved its World Headquarters to Chicago’s Auburn community. The main sanctuary sits on a two-square block campus that includes the Logos Ministerial Training Institute, television and radio studios, Liberty Academy, banquet facilities, administration office building and executive offices.

He has helped build the foundation of true Outreach Ministry throughout the Chicago Metropolitan area, always reaching out to the underprivileged and taking the ministry beyond the walls of the church. Some of Apostle Turner’s outreach efforts included a GED Literacy Outreach to the Robert Taylor Homes residents; Love In Action – a food and transportation outreach provided to housing development residents; Liberty Temple Prison Outreach, which holds Bible studies in various correctional facilities in Illinois, and involvement with over 60 other outreach ministries. In an effort to continue to assisting the hurting, hungry and homeless, Dr. Turner established the Denise M. Turner Foundation, in honor of his late wife, who devoted her life to philanthropy and providing assistance to the underprivileged.

Clifford E. Turner also established the Liberty Temple Network, a consortium of Apostolic/Prophetic churches with a mandate from God to equip and perfect the saints. He presently oversees churches throughout the United States of America and abroad. Besides Chicago, Liberty Temple Full Gospel Church houses churches in Waukegan, IL, San Diego, CA, Orlando Florida, Fort Wayne, IN and scheduled for 2004, Philadelphia, PA. Apostle Turner oversees several covenant churches that are part of the Liberty Temple Network which are located all over the United States. Internationally, Apostle Turner has pioneered over 40 churches in some of the world’s most needy countries: India, Pakistan, Jamaica, Liberia, China, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Additionally, Dr. Turner established the Deleia Turner orphanage in India, in honor of his late mother. Dr. Turner also organized an international consortium of pastors called OPERATION P.R.E.A.C.H., which mentors pastors and networks outreach ministries globally.

In 2002, God has given new direction to the ministry of Apostle Turner with the launching of Clifford E. Turner Ministries – a newly created ministry that is specifically dedicated to the continuance of the apostolic mandate and kingdom building charge placed on Apostle Turner’s life to set the captives free.

Clifford Turner is also an avid film producer, director and writer. He founded HOLYWOOD Studios, a Christian owned Media Company that produces several hundreds of dramatic works. His most accomplished work, The Awakening, began as a short film and evolved into the longest running Christian mini-series. The Awakening received a Midwest Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement for an Entertainment Program Series. The Awakening also won four Angel Awards. This series continues to be seen across America and around the world.

In addition to films, Clifford Turner’s writing expanded to books. His first book entitled Recovery, deals with understanding and coping with life’s traumas. This book has helped thousands deal with turbulent events in their lives and brings healing to their emotions. Apostle Turner has several additional books scheduled for release including “Gifted, With No Character” and “Recovery II”.

Apostle Turner has become a respected leader in both the Kingdom of God and the community. He has conducted the invocation for the City Hall meetings in Chicago. He has visited the White House twice to meet with the President of the United States of America while serving on the Religious Liaison Committee in an effort to communicate the needs of inner city churches. On several occasions, Apostle Turner has been selected as an honored member of Who’s Who Among Outstanding Business Executives. Apostle Turner has served on numerous boards and committees with the ongoing focus to not only be an effective minister, but to help others become effective leaders who initiate change and challenge the status quo.

Chief Apostle Turner is also a devoted husband and father. He and his wife, Darlyn, reside in the Chicago area with their nine children.